A. L. Chapman & Co. employs seasoned veterans of the bar trade with at least 10 years of experience in the industry. We know our business and can help you achieve world class status in yours.

Photography courtesy of Rachel Hall. 



beer & wine

Our experience enables us to find the perfect food pairings, local listings, european favorites or simply casual and aproachable beers and wines. 



We have a passion for cocktails and can offer you a a unique specialty menu as well as classic cocktials.   



You want your guests to have an unforgettable experience, and we are dedicated to helping create a warm welcoming space that offers a unique experience your guest will want to frequent.

Culinary twists on classic cocktails for a top chef restaurant in the booming Lake Merrit neighborhood.


At shakewell the bar provides full dining experience while serving classic cocktails, original innovative cocktails, spanish and california wines, local and imported beer, and a unique selection of local and organic spirits. 



A trendy downtown establishment gets some interior/exterior signage, a belgian beer selection, and some crafty cocktails to call their own.


Worthington's is where the town meets.  It is a resting place for the weary vagabond, a meeting place for the law offices, a friendly hangout for pool players, a local music venue, and an outlet for artist to show their work.  We wanted to match the casual vibe with our hand painted signs, and approachable beer selection while offering some very competitive pricing for quality products.



A college neighborhood gets a classy corner bar


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Grand Lake Neighborhood Awaits New Juice Bar


Main Sqeeze said to open in Summer 2015.

Where can you find Kambucha on tap, authentic acai bowls, fresh sqeezed juice, healthy snacks or a power lunch?  The choices for healthy eating are slim on this side of the neighborhood.  But not for long.  The much anticipated new Juice bar, owned and operated by James Gattz(Shakewell) and Nimer(Flipside) has begun to break ground in their new venture.

Check back soon for photos of their progress!